Sunward Christian Academy was established to conduct and maintain a Christian Independent School for Biblical based education, maintaining the highest possible academic standard. We believe in a generation of young adults entering the work force as well developed, effective and respected leaders. Sunward Christian Academy, as a registered non-profit educational organization, serves to make this a reality.


To be a school that will grow in stature and favor with God and the community and to develop every child in our care to his /her full potential and calling in Christ.

Our Values and Beliefs

We focus on having a healthy relationship with our parents and truly partnering to serve as guiding lights for our children and our students. SCA is grateful for every contribution made by our parents. Therefore, we have a loyalty program where parents can get significant discounts on their school fees.

  •  We believe that we have been instructed by God to extend His kingdom on earth effectively.
  • We believe that all truth is found in God and is revealed in His word, the Bible.
  • We believe that there should not be distinguished between intellectual and character development  but integrated it into a whole.
  • We value children and love them unconditionally as God loves us.
  • We believe that we should be responsible for effective stewardship on earth.
  • We believe to maintain an integration of a biblical view in the school.
  • We believe that Christian educators are the living curriculum and must strive to constantly be dynamic and authentic expressions of the biblical principles.
  • We believe in excellence without compromise.