The personal appearance and dress of a pupil shall comply with the norms set by the Principal, Staff, Management Council and P.A.

The school will expect a learner to wear his full uniform as prescribed, especially after hours.

  • Pupils are to maintain a neat and tidy, well-groomed appearance at all times. Personal hygiene is to be of a high standard.
  • Pupils are always to be dressed in the complete uniform when travelling to and from the school and when attending assemblies or special school functions and excursions.
  • Each item of clothing should be clearly marked with initials and surname on.
  • Boy’s hairstyles should be neat, clean conservative, off the collar and ears and off the face. Learners may not gel or colour their hair.
  • Girl’s hair must be neat and clean, off the face and the hairstyle conservative. Hair may not be coloured.  Long hair must be neat and either in a ponytail or in a plait.
  • No jewellery of any kind, except signet rings may be worn. Girls with pierced ears may wear one stud or sleeper (gold or silver) in each ear.
  • Cosmetics, except deodorant, are unacceptable. Nails should be clean and short. Girls may have a gel overlay.
  • School hoodies and t-shirts are not an option, but COMPULSORY for all School Learners.
  • Full details on the Code of Conduct can be viewed in the brochure given to all new learners and parents.