Sunward Christian Academy is a member of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) as well as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

At SCA we focus on smaller classes with more engagement with our students. However, we know that we need a solid foundation and sound curriculum.

Grade RR

Learners that are 3 to 5 years old are welcome to apply for this grade. Allow your child to learn through playing. This program is designed to enhance our little ones’ skills before they are ready for Grade R.

Grade R (the year the child turns 6)

Activities are structured to develop the whole child in an informal way. Children develop creativity and fine motor co-ordination through creative activities. Music and drama are regular activities. Language is enhanced through theme discussions, story-telling, rhyme and song.
Outdoor play strengthens gross motor, balance and ball skills.
In Grade R preparation for the more formal teaching of Grade 1 takes place. Readiness for handwriting includes pattern making, cutting, drawing and colouring. A concrete approach for mathematics is introduced. Incidental reading and phonetic awareness are some of the many school readiness skills presented.

A school readiness test will be administered before admission to Grade 1 – CAPS applies.

Foundation Phase
Grades 1, 2 & 3

From a firm foundation in Grade R, our pupils move easily into a more formal and structured academic program. Emphasis is placed on the teaching of literacy and mathematics. However, there is an emphasis on Life Skills as in physical education, music, art. environmental appreciation and technology lessons. Second Language communication is introduced in Grade 1.

Learners transferred from other pre-primary schools will be assessed.
The Caps curriculum was introduced in 2012. IEB was introduced at Primary School Level in 2015. Our school participate in all IEB assessments.
Intermediate Phase

Grade 4-6

Intermediate phase introduces a subject teaching approach. A variety of subjects are taught such as English (first language), Afrikaans (first additional language), Mathematics, Bible, Life Skills, Social Science and Natural Science/Technology.
The Caps Curriculum for this phase was introduced in 2013.
Senior Phase

Grades 7-9

Sunward Christian Academy adopts a subject teaching approach preparing the pupils for the Senior Certificate Examination set by the IEB. The SCA offers English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, EMS, Life Orientation, Technology, Arts & Culture, Natural Science and Social Science. Accounting is introduced with EMS in Grade 8. Learners in Grade 8 and 9 choose between EGD and Consumer Studies.

Grade 9 learners must realize that they must qualify with at least 65% for Mathematics to be able to take pure Mathematics and Science in Grade 10. To qualify for History in Grade 10, a learner must have a 60% average for English in Grade 9.
Caps Curriculum was introduced in 2013.

Further Education and Training Phase

Grade 10-12

The SCA offer the following subjects:

English Home Language,
Afrikaans First Additional Language,
Life Orientation
Business Studies
Bible Education
Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy
Physical Science
Computer application Technology
Consumer Studies
Engineering Graphic Design
The NSC final examination of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) is written after the completion of Grade 12.